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Reflect on One’s Cultural Lens

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The thing that drove me as principal were all of the things that I hated that were put in place either when I attended school or when I taught in the school or when I worked with a school. I was really trying to create the environment that I wish I had when I was a student.
When we ask our young people…
“What are the problems they would love to solve?”
“What are the things that are top of mind?”

They tend to be very different than what we typically think about it as educators and the thing that creates, in my opinion, is a values based approach to how they want to address those issues. It’s not necessarily something that’s right or wrong or yes or no but it’s just…
“This means so much to me that I need to do something about it because I don’t think this is the way it should be.”
And that’s what I found out with talking to the young people that are on my advisory. That’s what I talk about when talking with student leaders in the city. And then when we talk to young people who want to go into education, they are really thinking about it from the values based approach. It’s like…
“This is what I wish I had and I didn’t.”
“These are the types of environments I think we could develop.”
“These are the things I think could be engaging for young people that look just like me.”

That’s what we would love to see here in Philadelphia.


As Dr. Hite talks about a “values-based” approach to addressing issues, we thought to include a values activity that provides a solid foundation to identify and choose specific values.

  • Step 1: Identify and document your top 10 values from the list of 377 below. If there are values you have that are not on the list, please include them in your top 10.
  • Step 2: Of the documented top 10 list, choose your core four.
  • Step 3: Of the core four, choose your #1 value.

NOTE: In the Post Self-Feedback portion, you will be asked to list your #1 value.

Values List

Download Values List