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Impact of Microaggressions

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Jaime Casap Quote


I met Jaime Casap in the summer of 2009 as I was visiting a primary and secondary school in Rwanda. It was part of my international public service project through my graduate work and Jaime was staying in the same hotel. We hit it off and kept in touch, which now has us collaborating through the Frontlines of Justice (his module is coming out soon!).

Jaime recently left Google after 14 years with the Google Education team. He was responsible for many innovative ideas and breakthroughs (Google Apps / Chromebooks) but is maybe most importantly known for this quote that he’s given at hundreds of keynotes around the country.


The purpose of bringing the story of Jaime into Competency #4 is directly related to the competency language itself. If/when we challenge students with “real-world issues” as a means of academic rigor, we must also think about how they might solve those problems. In the startup world, the Lean Canvas is used by thousands of entrepreneurs as a blueprint for solving problems. Here is a description and downloadable model