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Impact of Microaggressions

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Former D.C. Public Schools chancellor: Black cultural education ‘could change the entire calculus’ for children

Kaya Henderson

Aspen Institute Trustee, Former Chancellor | District of Columbia Public Schools

“One of the things that I noticed, especially when my friends started having children, is people had to go out of their way to find things that were about the development of their kids’ cultural identity, right? Everybody was working to get their kids in the best schools, arts programs, sports, da, da, da. But there was no place to get cultural and identity formation.”

We All Live Racialized Lives: The ‘Identity Work’ Teachers Need to Do

Dr. LaGarrett King

Associate Professor | University of Missouri in Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum

One of the first things that people need to do is identity work. By identity work, I mean that the majority of white people must learn to see themselves as racialized individuals. They see themselves as normal, and everyone else is a race. Race is a social construct, so that means “white” is socially constructed. Before they can teach about any racialized history, they have to understand themselves as racialized individuals.