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Impact of Microaggressions

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Pre-Work: Assignment #2 Copy


What is culture? How do I describe my cultural identity? How do my social identity factors (race, religious beliefs, linguistic resources, socioeconomic status, gender, etc.) shape my cultural identity (beliefs, values, norms)? How does my cultural lens influence the way that I do my job?


Respond to the prompt in your own personal journal or digital device. Before you begin, relax and clear your mind. Get into a comfortable writing position with no distractions. Prepare to write for 10 minutes (min) — 20 minutes (max) without stopping. Set a timer. Do not stop writing. Do not preoccupy yourself with grammar, form, etc. Get your ideas onto the page. If you run out of ideas, write whatever comes to mind until the time is up (e.g. I cannot think of anything else to write. Nothing else comes to mind.) Keep writing until the timer goes off. Usually ideas will resurface if you keep writing. When the timer goes off, stop writing. After a few moments, go back to your writing and highlight/underline the ideas that are most relevant to the prompt. Start with these ideas to begin a revised draft. Complete revised draft and put it aside until the end of this module.

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