#RealCollege Curriculum


The Hope Center for College, Community and Justice is celebrating the fifth anniversary of the #RealCollege Movement by launching the development of a new digital curriculum and community of practice to transform higher education into a place where students are treated as humans first. As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, this effort to scale supports for students’ basic needs for food, housing, childcare, transportation, and mental health has never been more critical.


The #RealCollege Curriculum (RCC) will scale that ground-breaking work with an equitable and sustainable approach to disseminating lessons from the movement around the world. Centering the #RealCollege emphasis on a culture of belonging, justice, love, and transformation, the highly interactive modularized delivery platform will bring users close to students’ lived experiences and into an international and inclusive community of practice. The platform will support the full array of educators and community organizations, students, advocates and policymakers who are seeking new skills to address basic needs for college attainment and student well-being.


The #RealCollege Curriculum is a partnership between The Hope Center and three experienced partners:

Frontlines of Justice: An online video learning curriculum creator, who is bringing its innovative, cutting-edge content delivery platform to the project, providing a sleek, interactive, and engaging learning experience.

Award-winning documentarian Soledad O’Brien’s production company is contributing footage from the documentary Hungry to Learn.

Digital Pedagogy Lab: A community of educators focused on issues of social justice in online and face-to-face teaching, who is coordinating curricular development focused on compassion and care.


The first modules of the curriculum will be publicly available in early 2022. If you or your institution are interested in finding out more about the #RealCollege Curriculum please provide your information to ensure we can update you as we develop the curriculum.

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The #RealCollege Curriculum is designed for educators, college staff/faculty, community leaders, policymakers and students. If you are interested in using it Reach out to us!

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