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Arkansas Lighthouse Academies: Culturally Responsive Teaching

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Competency #2: Pre-Workshop Experience


Frontlines of Justice (“FoJ”) is an online, video-centric eLearning platform for compelling social, racial, and educational justice through compelling content to support cultural competence development. We are the social justice Masterclass in the field of education and hope to create a more equitable society through the reimagination of professional development that focuses on critical social justice issues. Through high quality video production and relevant resources, we believe in the importance of meeting educators where they are while¬†gathering feedback to inform¬†the continuous improvement feedback for continuous improvement. To this end, responses to the end-of-session surveys are important.

Core Competencies | Focus: Technology & Video

  • Technology Platform
  • Learning Management System
  • Digital Guides
  • Analytics
  • Feature Films & Video Production
  • Photography
  • Content Hub
  • Influential Educators

As an example of our technology platform, we made a module dissecting the feature length social justice documentary, BLACK BOYS.


The Center addresses educational inequities to improve academic and social outcomes for all students through increased teacher diversity and cultural competency development.

In this module, FoJ has partnered with The Center to develop digital curriculum and execute education justice workshops as it relates to 10 Culturally Relevant Competencies. With the help of MPS leadership and The Center, we have curated video content and digitized resources that will aid in the professional development of MPS educators.

CORE COMPERTENCIES | Focus: Curriculum

  • Curriculum Content
  • Assessments
  • Live Workshops
  • In-Video Thought Leaders