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We are living in challenging times with difficult circumstances that face us on a daily basis, especially in education. You are on the frontlines. You are the educators. You play a key role in schools that serve a diverse population of students in need of your wisdom, guidance, and leadership. We are here to support your work while providing a meaningful learning journey. We are not promising a smooth ride, as that is never the case in equity work. But we are promising 100% support, 100% commitment, and 100% care around this journey that we’re on together.


May 25th, 2020, the murder of George Floyd happened in your city and in our country. This was felt around the world. This tragedy set in motion a global tidal wave of roaring voices and raging hearts. Now, we are in the thickness of ambiguity and change, which demands a passion-based and outcome-focused approach from us all. We applaud your willingness to raise the bar. This country will be better because of Minneapolis Public Schools and we are here to support that effort with our hearts and minds.

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We will go through 10 Culturally Relevant Competencies (listed at the bottom of this page).

Each competency learning journey includes:

  • Pre-Assessment
  • Video Episode
  • Digital Guide
  • Additional Resources
  • Post-Assessment

Goals for each competency:

  • Deepen understanding of your racial and cultural backgrounds
  • Define social identities and intersectionality
  • Reflect on your socialization of various identities and its implications
  • Reflect on your role in systems of oppression as it relates to education
  • Understand the importance of students’ cultural backgrounds


This experience is self-guided and everyone will process the concepts differently, but one commonality is that it should involve several moments of reflection. In the spirit of learning, please first complete the Pre-Assessment. Next, the Module Resource Exploration will allow you to commit to meaningful moments of reflection through various activities and engagements. Use the notes column to capture your ideas and reflections with each activity. Finally, complete the Post-Assessment.

Course Content

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October: Post-Work
October: Competency #1
November: Pre-Work
November: Post-Work
November: Competency #2
December: Competency #4
December: Pre-Work
December: Post-Work
January: Competency #3
January: Pre-Work
January: Post-Work
February: Competency #5
February: Pre-Work
February: Post-Work
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March: Competency #10
March: Pre-Work
APRIL: Competency #6
April: Post-Work
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Course Includes

  • 22 Lessons
  • 125 Topics
  • 40 Assessments